Songs or beats I wanna share as I make them. Might be unpolished or stupid. Click each track title for more info!

This is my personal work, you can find my professional work here.

The Things You'll Find In Corey's Mind

19th December 2020

Watch a 13min supercut of the creative process for this track! I made this track from sounds recorded and sent in by subscribers to my newsletter. I got some amazing sounds from all over the world, including a huge folder of sounds a silly man called Corey recorded all around his house, with hilarious introductions! I ended up making Corey’s voice a big part of the track and it sounds like a madcap tour around his goofy mind!...

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Ups And Downs

8th October 2020

I made this song as a birthday present for my partner Katie a few years ago. The story of our relationship is a dramatic one full of ups and downs; joy, heartbreak, hilarity, sadness, thrills and spills. As we continue our adventure into the unknown together (now with a rad baby) this song only becomes more true! Lyrics Every day the sun goes up and down again Every night the moon does quite the same...

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Don't Flush My Head

19th May 2020

I made this song in around 2 hours during a stream, playing off suggestions and conversations in the chat! It was fun and I’ll probably do it again sometime - you can find me here:

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Digger Dan

11th April 2020

My drummer friend Dan sent me some live drum loops he recorded to make into a sample pack. I had a play around with one of the loops for an hour or so and came up with this lil jam! Follow dan on Instagram!

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