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The Things You'll Find In Corey's Mind

Simon Panrucker & Friends

Watch a 13min supercut of the creative process for this track!

I made this track from sounds recorded and sent in by subscribers to my newsletter. I got some amazing sounds from all over the world, including a huge folder of sounds a silly man called Corey recorded all around his house, with hilarious introductions! I ended up making Corey’s voice a big part of the track and it sounds like a madcap tour around his goofy mind!

Thanks to everyone who sent sounds in, and especially to the following people whose sounds I ended up using in this song:

Ben MacDonald, Cherry Franklin, Corey Bryan, Fiachra Hackett, James Elms, Jason Pennells, John Lund Rasmussen, Laurie Stansfield, Nat Darnell, Paul MacMahon, Richard and Danni Eve, and Sean Frisby

Nice one chums!

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