Animation music for Playdate!

I recently worked on some music & sound design for a new handheld game device called the Playdate. It’s kinda like an old school Gameboy but with a crank. And they’re making it so that anyone can create games for it! AMAAAZZIIINGGG!

They just released an update video and the animation I worked on is in the “intro” section if you want to check it out! Lots more fun stuff in the rest of the vid too…

I also did the sound design for the device’s user interface i.e. all the noises that happen when you navigate menus and click buttons etc! I collaborated with Cabel, co-founder of Panic) (the maker of Playdate), to make the music, and we have a full length version of it to release sooooon :-O

The whole thing is so exciting, I love the way they’re releasing all these indie games and the new web editor for anyone to make their own games looks amazing! Wahooooo!

10th June 2021

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