The Brainbow

Here’s a video I worked on to help educate primary school kids and teachers about neurodiversity in the classroom. It’s called The Brainbow!

I worked as lead filmmaker (and music maker) on this collaboration with Murmuration Community Therapy, Bristol City Council and Bristol University. It was a beautiful project to be a part of! The young people who talk in the video were amazing, and it’s great to be able to share their experiences to help make positive changes in classrooms across the country.

If you know a child who is neurodivergent and struggling in school, or any teachers who would be interested in learning more and showing this video to their class please share away! There are further resources to aid with learning and conversation in the classroom, which can be downloaded from Murmuration for a donation here.

If you are neurodivergent yourself, or just curious about it all, I hope you’ll find this an interesting watch too!

It’s worth noting that the participants in this video are mostly white and don’t represent the diversity of neurodivergent people. Many young people from diverse backgrounds took part in the development of the video, but only a handful of them felt happy to be on camera. Some parents of children of colour were concerned their kids already faced enough discrimination and didn’t want to invite further discrimination for speaking out about their neurodiversity. It’s sobering to become more aware of the layers of discrimination and struggle many people face on a daily basis. I hope that with more education in schools around these topics there will in time be more understanding and acceptance of all kinds of difference ❤️

30th April 2024

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