Musical mini-series OUT NOW!

Hola amigitos!

I mentioned last newsletter that I’d be releasing a mini-series of musicians playing inside the brain of a mystical computer…

Well I’m relieved to say that I wasn’t lying (this time) and the whole series is now available for you to enjoy!

Click to watch playlist!

Computer Plays With… The Playlist!

I was really lucky to have been able to work with such amazing musicians on this project, and I’m very grateful for their willingness to dive into the unknown and trust me (and computer) with their music and faces!

Here’s a little more about each artist (click to see their episode)…

Ep 1: Alabaster DePlume

Alabaster DePlume is like a modern day sage who is just as confused as the rest of us. In this vid he performs ‘Tell Me’ from his album ‘The Jester’. But I firmly suggest you check out all of his fine work on Bandcamp!

More info:

Ep 2: Rozi Plain

Rozi’s music is like a nap on a rainy Sunday afternoon, the sweet spot between fully asleep and fully awake where unreal adventures take place! You can get her latest album on Bandcamp.

Ep 3: ICHI

Ichi is the hero we’ve needed all along! He makes his own instruments and creates playful songs with them, in Japanese! If you ever get the chance to see Ichi live I really recommend it if you want your face to smile HARD.

Learn more about ICHI here!

Also find ICHI’s latest album on Bandcamp.

Ep 4: This Is The Kit

This Is The Kit is Kate Stables and her band. Kate’s voice is like a beam of light casting over horizons and rocky shorelines! I first met Kate when we were waiting in line to climb the big colourful viewing tower at Glastonbury Festival. I think in my head she lives up there, like a magical lighthouse keeper.

You can listen to their latest album and others on Bandcamp. Moonshine Freeze has been played a billion times in my house.

This Is The Kit are due to play a special concert at the Royal freakin’ Albert Hall in 2021! More info here!

##That’s it for now!

I hope you enjoy this mini-series. A lot of love and at least a lifetime of edit-hours went into it. Thanks again to all the artists for their time and curiosity. If you enjoy their work please consider buying their music :) I shared Bandcamp links cos the artist gets a bigger share if you buy it there compared to other platforms.



p.s. The incredible cinematic opening sequence could not have been made without the following excellent people, and an adventuresome day trip to Devon:

Director of Photography - Tom Martin (of Band Studios)
Cloaked Adventurer - Linzy Na Nakorn
1st AD - Nuala Honan (who is smashing it with her latest singles, follow the link!)
Narrator - Harry Humberstone (of Bad vs Evil)

18th May 2020

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