A truthful song about parenthood...

Hi friends!

I made you a thing!

Last week I asked if I could make you something silly. Valeria asked for a song about being a parent, so, drawing on my experiences as a new dad, I made a song called…

Everything’s Covered In Poo

If you can relate let me know in the comments, or if you know someone whose belongings are drenched in a tiny human’s fluids feel free to share this song with them! They might enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it :)

I’m making more things based on your ideas which I’ll share over the next few weeks…

Other news!

The Cartoon Network show I’ve been working on over the past year has just been released! It’s called The Fungies! You can watch the trailer and read more here.

I’m having a lovely time working on this show, it’s sweet and silly and I get to make warbly synthesiser music and all kinds of songs for it :) It’s out now on HBO Max (US only).


Just one recommendation this week because I really want you to check out…

**Nuala Honan’s new album - **Doubt and Reckoning!

Nuala’s one of my best buds and I’ve watched her working her buns to the bone to get this album into the world. And it’s a CORKER! Album of the day on BBC Radio 6 Music today and everything! If you like rock-n-roll, pop-opera, post-punk, epic ballad rawness smashed together in a spectacular DIY fireworks display, YOU GOT IT RIGHT HERE BABY.

It’s on iTunes and Spotify and all that too. Give it a listen and buy it if you like it - it’s not easy being an independent musician right now so any support really helps!

That’s it for this week! Feel free to pop me an email back if you’ve seen or heard anything you think I might enjoy too.


24th August 2020

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