A adventure with an electric chicken!

Hi friends!

This week I’m sharing a silly, sweet short story with you. It was inspired by Meg, who told me:

“I once knew a little red chicken who had been struck by lightning. She survived but as a result was quite loopy. She’d happily stand for ages on people’s heads, so they named her Mutske (‘Silly person’ in Dutch). Unfortunately she recently passed away, so a nice little story about her would be fun!”

Here’s the story I wrote for Meg and you!

Mutske The Electric Chicken

I recorded a reading of it so you can listen along if you like. It turned out like a kid’s story so any younguns in your life might enjoy it too :)

Other News!

This weekend I took a trip away from Katie and Lil P for the first time since fatherhood/lockdown. I missed my squidgy lad very much but I also had a lot of fun shooting a short film with my buddy Tom Mooring. It’s a bonkers tale about fried egg envy, toothpaste addiction, and DASTARDLY DECEPTION.

Tom wrote and shot it, and I played three parts - Tom, Evil Tom, and The Tooth Fairy.

I’m not sure when it’ll be ready but I it’s gonna be a lot of fun when it’s done, I’ll keep you posted!


Things I’ve enjoyed you might like too…

  • Food Model - A photo series of a model morphing into different foods using clothes and everyday objects. I wanna try at home!
  • John Was Trying To Contact Aliens - A short Netflix documentary about a man who ran a radio station trying to contact aliens. It’s very sweet :)
  • RePorpoised Phantasies - An EP of rave inspired tracks by Machine Girl. Nutty! Fans of Lone might enjoy this.

That’s it for now!

What are you doing this week? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS

Love yooouuu,

8th September 2020

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