A happy track made from children's sounds! And yours...?

Hi pals!

A couple of months ago Sally, a teacher friend of mine, invited me to partake in a project she was doing with her students during lockdown. The kids were challenged to record sounds they found interesting at home using a phone or tablet. Sally sent the recordings to a selection of musicians to make a piece of music with, so the kids could hear how their sounds inspired creativity in different ways!

It took me a while to get to it but I’ve finally made a track with the incredible and unusual sounds the kids recorded!

Watch a 15min video supercut of the creative process!

If you just want to hear the track you can listen here:

Fishponds Cat Club

Funnnnnnn! 😍 Hi-fives to all the kids and staff of Fishponds Church of England Academy 🙌

Send me your sounds!

I enjoyed doing this project so much I thought it would be fun to do a similar thing with you! Wanna play?

Make a short recording of an interesting sound or musical snippet with your phone or tablet, and send it back to me via email!

The deadline is FRIDAY 9TH OCTOBER. I’ll make a track with the sounds that take my fancy and share it with you!

Let’s make music together! 😁🎵😁


  • Ginza (ft Alf4zi) - this rap track by Mumbai rapper morèno is a banger! I don’t think I’ve heard any Hindi rap before, it’s a punchy language for morèno’s quick-fire delivery.
  • Rising Phoenix - this Netflix documentary about Paralympian athletes is awe inspiring. The determination, focus and skill required to perform at such incredible levels, while dealing with physical, emotional and societal obstacles is astounding.
  • Matt Taylor GFX - these trippy 3D motion graphics loops will mesmerise your absolute brain out your ears. Non-Instagram peeps can view the vids by right clicking and opening each video in a new tab.

Okaaaay that’s it for this week.



p.s. Never give up!

21st September 2020

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Simon Panrucker playing a blue recorder