A song about ups and downs and ups and downs and ups...

Hey pals!

I’ve decided to start completing and sharing some of the overwhelming amount of almost finished songs I have sobbing on my hard drive.

Today I’m happy to share a song I wrote for my partner Katie a few years ago. We’d been through a lot up to that point, so it’s all about the ups and downs of life. Take a listen!

Ups And Downs

I hope it brings some sunshine to your nighttime and some moonshine to your daytime. It’s also a reminder that if you’re in a down bit, there’s an up bit somewhere up ahead so just KEEP GOING ❤️

Other News!

Today is the deadline for sending sounds for the “Making A Track From Your Sounds” video and song I’m gonna make. I’ve had loads of amazing sounds sent in since the last email so THANK YOUUUUUU!!! There’s still time if you wanna get involved, just record something on your phone and email it to me. I won’t be cross if you send it over the weekend, rules shmoolz.


📼 In Camera - My longtime filmmaking friend Tommy has just started a YouTube channel all about practical effects in film making. Watch them make awesome things and learn stuff too!

📼 SOUTHPAW - This animation of some weird dudes dancing to awesome recorder music is pretty close to what it’s like inside my brain.

📼 Martin Roberts’ Invisible Piano - A silly vid of a man saying “So what made you want to buy this place?” on a TV show, but with piano sounds added to his splayed hand gesture. Made me chuckle anyway :)

Thanks love you bye!


8th October 2020

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Simon Panrucker playing a blue recorder