Mini-update from your old pal Panny


Hey there friends!

It’s been a while since I last wrote, and let me first address the elephant in the room because I NEED TO POST IT TO THE ZOO. Ok haha jokes aside now let me address the other elephant in the room: you sent me lots of great sounds and I haven’t made a track with them yet!

I’ve been busy writing music for The Fungies (Season 1 is now on Cartoon Network UK!) and caring for ma bebeh boy, but I will make something soon I “promise”. I actually spent an afternoon making a track but I wasn’t happy with it. Maybe it’s fine and I just need to persevere, but I wanted to burn it in a rusty bin by the end of the session so a bit of distance was necessary. CREATIVITY, YEAAAH! I think I might just start from scratch and come at it with a fresh attitude :)

Other News!

I recorded a performance of a song called “That’s Very Funny” for a charity comedy gig! The gig will be streamed for free tomorrow night (Friday 19th November, 8pm GMT), featuring performances from Harry Hill, Richard Herring, Rosie Jones and Jonathan Pie among others. It should be a lot of fun!

More details here!

The event is being hosted by Irving McCormick who is an ex-participant of a disability arts group I used to work with in Cambridge called Total Arts. He was raising money for a new wheelchair, but has smashed his target and is now raising money for a new fund to help people with disabilities to gain access to the arts. I think it’s awesome how much determination Irving has to pursue his love for the arts and help others do the same! Please tune in and donate if you can :)


Here are some things I’ve enjoyed recently that I think you might enjoy too!

  • The Egg - this short story by Andy Weir about a man who dies and meets his creator is a quickun, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot since reading it!
  • Period Works - this house/disco album by Crackazat has been the soundtrack to my new favourite activity: dancing my baby boy around the kitchen in a “keep fit” style! He freakin’ loves it and I do too, so that’s pretty perfect really.
  • Stevie Wonder cover on Harpejji - Corey Henry plays this unusual instrument insanely well! Beautiful stuff!
  • Young Offenders - a comedy series about a couple of teenage tearaways growing up in Ireland. It’s reckless and ridiculous and very sweet at times too :)

Bye for now!

That’s it for this time. I hope you’re keeping safe and sane, especially those in lockdown right now.



19th November 2020

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