A bonkers song from YOUR crazy noises!


Well hi there pals!

I hope this email finds you well and mince pied up to the tonsils after a very strange Christmas. It’s pretty tough times in the UK right now so I thought it would be a good moment to share a bit of silliness to brighten things up just a lil bit.

I finally made a track with the amazing sounds sent by YOUS GUYS!

Watch me make the track!


Listen to and download the track!

I got sent a lot of amazing sounds, thank you to everyone who recorded one! I wasn’t able to use everybody’s sounds but I got a lot of em in. Corey sent a whole folder of noises he recorded round his house, complete with zany introductions to each one - so I had a field day with those and the track ended up being a goofy tour around his mind :)

It’s called The Things You’ll Find In Corey’s Mind. I hope you like it!


Some things I’ve enjoyed I think you might enjoy too…

  • Too Many Zooz - Pink Yesterday - this music video is a joyous brass explosion to blast your frosty cobwebs away
  • Unendurable Line - a playful short film about anticipation and release. I also enjoyed this short by the same director
  • Georgie Ward: Live at St Georges - a live music performance by pianist and synth virtuoso Georgie Ward! Amazing stuff! Georgie was/is the synth player in my new band Bandrucker. We played one gig then I had a baby and the pandemic hit and it all screeched to a halt. I hope to play music with Georgie again when the situation allows, she’s a badass!
  • Jamie Demetriou’s Really Good Time - a very stupid music video with some great inspiration for things to do in lockdown. Thanks Sean!

That’s it for this time! I will make and share more things in the new year - I CRAVE IT. Hope you have a goodun! Keep it safe, but silly if poss.


5th February 2021

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