Will you try a lil experiment with me?

Hi Panpals! It’s been a while eh?

I’ve had a fun idea I’d like to try out with you. It’s a creativity game I’m calling Invitations!

Here’s how it works: I present you with an invitation in the form of a small creative prompt. You can respond to it however you want to, using the environment, yourself and/or things around you to make a playful image!

The first invitation is… Conquer A Mountain!

What is your mountain? How will you conquer it? Will you wear special clothes?

Snap a picture on your phone/camera or create an image digitally and upload it here! When the deadline has passed I’ll make a video showcasing everyone’s responses (like on Hart Beat), and they’ll be made visible on the page too :)


If this sounds fun click here to learn more and take part! :D

##Other news…

I made a website to share all the cool things I find on my internet/media adventures that I think you might enjoy too!

It’s called Good Stuff!

I’ll be adding things regularly so feel free to bookmark it and check back when you need some of the good stuff.

#Recommendations Things I’ve enjoyed you might enjoy too!

📼 Where Do You Hide

My friend Verity Standen made this beautiful song and music video in the depths of the pandemic. I first watched this a couple of months ago feeling deeply exhausted with it all, and I proper blubbed, I tell you, blubbed all down my face.

💻 mmm

Mmm is a super playful one page website maker with drag and drop abilities to quickly and easily make a characterful collage/comic/website. Looks fun!

📼 Matchstick Animations

Japanese designer Okazaki Tomohiro makes playful stop-motion animations of matches. Mesmerising and oddly satisfying!

🎵 Color De Tropico

This compilation album of Venezualan music from 1966 - 1978 is bringing in the sunshine at the moment. My lil boy loves dancing to it too! There’s a second compilation out too if this floats your boat :)

That’s it for this time, let me know how you’re doing and what you’ve been working on too!


21st May 2021

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