A magnificent 80s inspired theme song!

Howdy Panpals!

Happy days! An extended version of the title song I made for The Fungies (Cartoon Network) has just been released.

You can listen here!

This was based on an original song by the show’s creator Stephen Neary. He wanted to evoke the feeling he had watching cartoons from the 80s and 90s when he was a kid, so I really went to town with the 80s production style and earnest vocal performance! This extended version included some squelchy Fungie synthesizer and a growly sax solo for good measure. I hope you enjoy it!

Other News

Just a reminder that if you’d like to take part in my creative experiment there are only 3 days remaining! I’ve had a handful of wonderful entries so far, and it would be great to get more to build a fun gallery of creativity!

The first invitation is Conquer A Mountain - a prompt you are welcome to respond to however you like! So far I’ve received a stinky mountain, a vengeful mountain, a trashy mountain and a beautiful mountain :)

My goal with this project is to encourage you (and myself!) to look at and interact with the world in a more playful way than usual, and to harness the joy that can be found through creative exploration! It’s already great to see how people have responded in very different ways, I hope you’ll have a bash too and enjoy seeing each other’s efforts after the deadline!

Good Stuff

Things I’ve enjoyed you might enjoy too!

📼 Dover - The Westerleighs

I love this brass quartet piece by The Westerlies, it’s kinda joyful and beautiful! If you like this, their album Wherein Lies The good is definitely worth a listen, some wonderful stuff on there 🎺

💻 astronaut.io

This is a fascinating website which displays a rapidly changing stream of YouTube videos with very little or no views, which tend to be unpolished personal videos. The result is a sense that you are peering into the lives of everyday people all over the planet - like an astronaut exploring life on earth.

🎵 Sonic Blooming

An ambient sound/music project by sound artist Crystal Cortez which uses the electrical impulses of growing plants to create musical pitches and sounds. The pieces on this website were made from plant data and field recordings collected at the International Rose Test Garden in Portland Oregon.

For more good stuff check the archives!

That’s it for this week!

Love you, bye!

28th May 2021

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