Music for a cool game device, and your mountain pictures!

Oh hi there Panpals!

Today is exciting because I can share two fun things at once!

Fun Thing 1!

I recently made some music for a new handheld game console called Playdate! It’s for the animation that plays when the device is switched on for the first time. The creators of the device just released an update video and you can watch the animation in full at the start of the video!

👉 Playdate Animation

We also made a full version of the track which will be released soooooon! I’ll let ya know :D

Fun Thing 2!

The responses for the Conquer A Mountain invitation are in, and what a varied and brilliant collection of creative interpretations there are! I made a little video showcasing everyone’s efforts, and they’re all displayed on this page too :)

👉 Conquer A Mountain!

Thanks to everyone who took part, this was a lot of fun! I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you enjoyed about this or what you didn’t enjoy. If you didn’t take part I’d be interested to know what held you back, so next time I can make it more enticing to partake in a bit of playful creativity ⛄️

Good Stuff

Things I’ve enjoyed you might enjoy too :)

📼 2 Heads - Flock of Dimes

A beautiful vocal and analogue synthesizer performance. Oh there’s a cello too! It’s powerful and spacious at the same time, like THE UNIVERSE ITSELF WHOOAAA 🪐

📼 Rainmaker - John Carroll Kirby

I made the mistake of playing this retro smooth synth-funk video to my toddler and it’s now become a multiple-times-daily ritual to watch this extra-long-ponytailed man emote on his synthesizer. But I don’t mind because if my baby’s into synthesizers then as far as I’m concerned I’ve done my job as a father perfectly 👌

💻 Kinopio

I’ve not used this visual thinking tool yet but it looks really cool! You can make cards of texts and images and link them together with coloured lines to create groups and flows of thought. The design is fun too!

K, bye!

That’s it for this time :)

Love you!
Simon 😘

11th June 2021

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