🍄🎶 Fun Fun Fungies Music! (Season 1 playlist)

Hiya PanPals!

I’ve uploaded a playlist of music and songs I made for season 1 of Cartoon Network’s *The Fungies! *There’s over an hour of bouncy, silly, tender, cosy, wonky, rad music in there to listen to.

The director Stephen P. Neary and I decided on the musical world being full of warm analogue synths that sound like they’re recorded to warped VHS tapes, with lots of parodies of 80s songs to create an overall feeling of nostalgia for the kind of TV Stephen enjoyed watching as a kid :)

I hope you enjoy listening to the choooons, I had tonnes of fun(gies) making them! Listen here:


Let me know if there are any songs or tunes you particularly enjoy :)

Other News

My work on The Fungies has come to an end after the second season and two years of work (with a short break in the middle while I had a baby!). I had a wonderful time working on the show, and now I’m excited to spend some time working on my own stuff so watch this space! I’m currently finishing off an album of acoustic songs written at various points over the last 10 years… nearly there! Once that’s done I’m gonna start blasting out some fun YouTube vids I think… Let me know if there’s anything you’d particularly like to see :D

Good Stuff

Things I’ve enjoyed I think you might enjoy too!

🎵 Rock’n Roll no Hajimari wa - Emerson Kitamura

This E.P. of chirpy organ music has been giving me the grins recently. Start from track 2 for maximum chirp!

📼 Smac McCreanor - Hydraulic Press dance Series compilation

A wonder of a physical comedy / dance video - Smac McCreanor mimics hydraulic presses crushing different objects, but with her body representing the objects being crushed!

📼 Jacob Collier Improvises The Audience

This musical performance gave me tingles when I first watched it. there’s always something amazing about a mass of people joining together in music, and it’s even more special that Jacob plays with people’s intuitive understanding of musical scales to play them like an instrument! See also Bobby McFerrin doing the same kinda thing…

If you like these things you can find more in the archives…

That’s it for this time!

Hope you’re doing well. Feel free to write back and share something with me - something you made, something you think is cool, or just something about your life right now - I always love hearing from you!




14th October 2021

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