I Got Something You Need

It’s another loopy doop song!

GEAR USED: Digitakt, RC-505, Pocket Piano


I got something you need…
So pick up your phone and call me, please!

I’m trying to get the message to you
I got something in my pocket and I don’t know what to do
Because you need it for your plans
But you need it in your hand
But it isn’t in your hand
Coz it’s here inside my pantalons

And that ain’t where it needs to be
So I’m trying my best to send a message, please
If you get it maybe baby you get back to me

Coz I got something you need…

I got your bus ticket in my pocket
It’s not my fault that you forgot it
Your bus ticket is in my pocket
I’m trying to call you coz I know you’re gonna want it

I ain’t a life saver
I ain’t a safe driver
I know you need this ticket
Coz it’s a day rider

27th February 2019

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