Bad Spray

This morning Katie was spraying the cooker with a cleaning spray. After a while she sniffed and said “Does this spray smell weird to you?” I got my nose in there and gave it a sniff.

“Hm, yeah, that does smell weird. Is it the cloth?”

“No the cloth’s fine. Can spray go off? Spray can’t go off, can it?”

She carried on spraying and wiping while I rummaged under the sink for the other bottle of spray. I gave it a spritz on another surface and took a breath in. “Oh yeah this smells nice! That one’s definitely gone bad. I’ll throw it away.”

I took the spray from Katie and unscrewed it, ready to pour down the drain. As I took the top off my nose twanged with an overwhelming garlicky pong.

Then I remembered - we made a potent garlic spray in the spring to stop the slugs eating the plants! Katie had been spraying the surfaces with rancid garlic water!

“No way!” She laughed, “I did the whole kitchen with that the other day!”

13th December 2019

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