Black Lives Matter

I’ve been watching the US news with horror and sadness. George Floyd’s murder is just the tip of the iceberg of unjust treatment against Black people in America (and worldwide) and I want to make my own stance against racism and police brutality clear.

There are much deeper long-standing inequalities at play here which I am woefully under-educated about, but, taking things one problem at a time, police violence seems like a good place to start.

I decided to make a donation to Campaign Zero who use analysis and research to inform policy change and decrease police violence in America. I’m also grateful to have the chance to give my musical skills to help this cause, and I’ll be writing some music for a video to help promote their new campaign 8 Can’t Wait. Thanks to Pasquale at Thinko for organising!

Edit: That particular campaign is now on pause. More info on the 8 Can’t Wait website.

Here are more recommendations for criminal justice reform and Black rights organisations which I hope to investigate soon, maybe you’ll find them useful/interesting too.

5th June 2020

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Simon Panrucker playing a blue recorder