Boring Stories

We’ve started trying to build a bedtime routine into our evenings so Lil P can get to sleep at a more regular time, without hours of grizzling and screaming while we’re trying to eat our dinner please we just want to eat dinner with both of us sitting down while the food is still warm, or watch Star Trek please just let us watch Star Trek we’re very tired.

Part of the routine is some wind down time where we try and minimise the amount of stimulation going into our baby’s earholes and eyeholes.

So I’ve started finding the fun in it by telling the most boring stories I possibly can. Here are a couple of examples I recorded the other night. Maybe they’ll help you calm down too so whoever you live with can watch a whole episode of Star Trek without having to pause it every 5 minutes to pat you on the back and go “shhhhhh shh shh shh.”

Babara Finds A Penny

The Baker Who Only Made One Type Of Bread

It’s pretty fun trying to be boring. I mean I don’t have to try very hard tbh.

I COULD USE YOUR HELP THOUGH! If you have an idea for a title of a boring story let me know in the comments below!

7th June 2020

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Simon Panrucker playing a blue recorder