Gran's Last Meal

I was at a Day of the Dead dinner at my friend Pablo’s house. We invited the spirits of dead loved ones to join us for dinner and made a dish of their favourite food for them to enjoy with us. Over the course of a few hours we took it in turns to talk about our dearly departed and share the dish we’d brought - a kind of DEATH TAPAS.

It was a beautiful evening, and wonderful to have a space to talk about death and grief. To remember and celebrate significant people in our past, as well as to give voice to painful relationships, and acknowledge the grizzly aspects of their personalities too.

Here’s a snippet of a story that tickled me…

A friend of mine was having dinner with his Gran and their family. All was merry, wine was flowing and Gran had had a good couple of glasses. Dinner conversation continued and food was being chowed when suddenly Gran slumped face first onto her plate.

Panic ensued as they rushed to check if she was ok. No response! They called the ambulance and rushed her to hospital. Was she dying? Dead?!

At the hospital the doctor checked her over. He gathered everyone for the verdict.

“Your Gran… She’s… How do I put this…?


2nd November 2019

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