Helping Hand

I woke up really early last night, like 4am. As I was lying in bed, hoping for a quiet mind, I noticed Katie’s breathing next to me became erratic, like she was terrified. I thought she must be having a nightmare, so I very gently took hold of her hand and started stroking it. She woke up and took a deep breath.

“Thanks!” she whispered.

In a mumbly half-asleep voice she told me her dream. She was on a sunny river bank. People around her were jumping into the deep, clear blue water. She thought it looked fun so she jumped in too, but as soon as she entered the water she sank quickly down, deeper and deeper, made heavy with our unborn baby in her tummy. Struggling, drowning, she looked up at the surface, hoping that I had seen her. Sure enough, my hand reached into the water, grabbed hers and pulled her out to safety.

She woke up to find my hand holding hers in real life!

Today I saved the lives of my partner and child before I even got out of bed.

I’m worried I’ve peaked too soon this year.

28th January 2020

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