Lord and Lady Luck

Katie and I went to the wedding of one of her oldest friends. We were supposed to be staying in a shepherds hut in the woods, but a leaky roof meant our accommodation was changed last minute. It was for the best really as we would have had to go outside for a wee in the night, and Katie’s pregnant so she needs wees A LOT.

Instead, to our delight, we were housed in one of the guest rooms in this massive manor house, with a huuuuge bed and amazing views over the fields.

Not only that, but we had a knock on the door at 9am and they brought us freakin’ breakfast in bed! Luxury! Not even the bride got breakfast in bed, much to her annoyance!

NOT ONLY THAT! But our friend Deborah came to our room to practise her viola for the wedding ceremony. So there we were in our manor house, enjoying breakfast in bed to live classical music!

It was certainly more than we bargained for and I hate my life now that I have to make my own breakfast. Without live viola.

What’s the point of anything any more.

28th October 2019

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