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Magic Twins

A friend of mine is friends with a lesbian couple. For a year this couple had been trying to have a baby thanks to a sperm donor. Rather than deciding which of them would bear the child, they had been taking it in turns to try to get pregnant month by month.

At the end of a year of unsuccessful attempts they were running out of time. Their donor gave them an ultimatum. One last go and that’s that.

Amazingly, this time it worked and one of them got pregnant!

Double amazingly, then they found out they were both pregnant!

They’ve just given birth to two healthy babies, 6 weeks apart. Siblings from different mums, born into the same loving family within weeks of each other. Like magic twins!

p.s. The drawing on top is supposed to be cute babies but I realise it looks more like grouchy gnomes. I guess sometimes there’s actually not that much difference.

31st October 2019

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