Steve Feeds The Pigeons

Walking in the frosty park I saw a man surrounded by pigeons. I got closer to take a photo and Steve got talking.

"I love feeding the pigeons," said Steve. "Problem is the seagulls are too quick. They get in there before the pigeons get a look in!"

He tossed a pinch of bread in the air. A bright white seagull snatched it.

"See?" He smiled.

"My dad used to have pigeons. We'd take them out for a walk, and they'd get home before we did!"

We talked about how amazing pigeons are, and how mysterious their homing system is.

"My dad used to love feeding his pigeons. He's been dead for getting on six years now. Mum's been gone for 10. I miss them. Especially round Christmas. They were wonderful parents, my Mum and Dad."

Steve tossed another pinch of bread to the throng.

"It's nice to remember them while I feed the pigeons."

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