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Well I’ve given my website a new lick of paint, but it also involved a big restructuring! I’d found the previous version of my site was so customised that it made it really hard for me to add any new sections without needing to build a whole new layout from scratch, so I’ve massively simplified everything to keep things fun :)

I’m planning to add more sections to the site for other areas of creative exploration, like art (including silly drawings and stupid street art), and a place to put my photography which is another area I have lots of fun with!

I’d really like your feedback! Is there anything you like/dislike about the website? How could I improve it? Let me know in the comments!

TECHNICAL INFO FOR INTERESTED NERDS For the nerds out there this site is now built with Hugo which is a static site generator, and hosted with Cloudflare Pages which deploys the site when I push any changes to Github! It feels like magic!

25th November 2022

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Simon Panrucker playing a blue recorder