What can I make for you?

This was a secret post for subscribers of my newsletter. The comment thread is now locked and I’m making some of the things! If you’d like to get involved next time you can sign up here!

I would like to make a silly gift for you! What can I make that would cheer you up this week? It could be…

  • A song
  • A video
  • A photograph
  • A story

Chuck some ideas in the comments below like:

  • A song about ducks in trucks
  • A video about cooking a ‘special’ meal
  • A photo of someone caught doing something they shouldn’t be
  • A story about a space explorer who finds a planet that looks exactly like a butt

But these are just my ideas. Share your ideas below and I’ll pick my favourite(s) to make reeeaaal!

17th August 2020

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Simon Panrucker playing a blue recorder