A lemony fresh rap track...

Hi pals!

This week I have an extra tangy treat for you! Jack asked for “A song about that face you pull when you eat a lemon.”

So here’s a juicy track all about the super zingy face imploding powers of lemons!


I’d love to know what you think. Email me back or leave a comment on the track page if you fancy. Thanks for the idea Jack! May your lemons be forever zesty.

Other News!

I was special guest on the WTFWYD podcast!

My pals Ryd and Drzej make a podcast called WTFWYD? Every show features questions beginning with What The F@ck Would You Do? It’s silly and imaginative and disgusting and lots of stupid fun.

In this episode I made a terrible faux pas with a big egg and paid a price that made my legs go wobbly. Whoops!


Some things I’ve enjoyed…

  • Clare de lune - a mesmerising acrobatics routine featuring a trampoline and a set of stairs.
  • Ziti - a lo-fi music video about a packet of pasta with questionable eating habits.
  • Sleeping On My Dreams - a colourful choreographed music video by Jacob Collier!

How about you?

What’s going on in your world? I’d love to know! Feel free to email me back :)

Keep it tangy friends!


30th August 2020

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